They changed oil with synthetic oil and rotated the tires for a very reasonable $39. BUTTTTTTTTTTTT.................... They told me it needed a new radiator for about $900 and a new auxiliary battery for another $400+. They printed out a list of error codes but didn't give me that paper. I think it was BS. I then did the battery self-test in the car and it showed the auxiliary battery was fine. I called back to ask about it and they said not to rely on the car battery test! I took the car to another shop. They said radiator and auxiliary battery are both fine. That shop detected a future problem with ABS battery module but told me to wait until the warning lights came on. Sadly, I got the distinct impression The Hybrid Shop - Santa Monica offers their free "diagnostic" - or whatever they call it - to "find" something wrong with the car and then tell you you have to spend a lot of money to repair it. At least in my case, it was not true. I don't plan to go back.

1.5 The Hybrid Shop - Santa Monica 11/12/2017

When I picked picked up my car one of the workers at the shop was removing auto-parts from the back of my vehicle. It would seem that this establishment was using my car as a parts delivery vehicle. At some point while my vehicle was in their custody the driver-side front fender was scraped (hit) and I was never informed?

5 The Hybrid Shop - Santa Monica 3/5/2017

Sadly, cannot recommend. Took my 2012 Prius V in for routine service in December to try them out free reading the good reviews. No signage made me uncertain I was at the right spot. The open repair bays were very cluttered with old parts, boxes, and debris, giving a very disorganized appearance. I went ahead anyway, requesting oil/filter change and general lookover. I waited in their office. Mechanic said my cabin air filter was dirty. When I asked the price for replacement, I was quoted $38 for the part and .4 hours of labor, just over $50. At nearly $90, I declined. Then it was "strongly suggested" a couple of times that I have the main drive battery airflow areas cleaned to ensure proper ventilation, at about $260. I declined. The oil/filter change was a good price, at $39. After leaving, I drove to Santa Monica Toyota and bought the air filter for $28 including tax. At home, I timed myself and changed it for the old in just under 60 seconds. I checked my receipt for the service and found they had put in the wrong weight oil, 5W20 instead of the manufacturer recommended 0W20. C'mon, it's printed right on the filler cap! I checked my owner's manual and can find no entry at any mileage for cleaning the battery compartment. Perhaps it's not a bad idea, but $260 worth? So, I'm afraid I can't join in the praises for this shop and will continue to look for an alternative to the dealership. -- JRC

5 The Hybrid Shop - Santa Monica 1/9/2017

The absolute best. Perfect service and amazing prices. Thanks guys!

5 The Hybrid Shop - Santa Monica 5/27/2016

My prbleom was a wall until I read this, then I smashed it.

3 The Hybrid Shop - Santa Monica 5/1/2016

I was recommended to this shop by a fellow Prius owner. I've been in twice for basic services and have nothing but great things to say about my experience. On my first visit, Martin ran a full diagnostic on my 2007 hybrid, but only charged me for the oil change ($39). They even threw in a car wash.My second visit, they were a bit busier. I was quoted an hour and decided to wait on their VERY comfortable sofa. Just when I was about to walk to Bay Cities for a sandwich, my car was ready. 35 minutes. When Martin handed me my keys back, he had changed out the remote, again free of charge. The rubber had peeled back on my keys, exposing the buttons. Now I have a brand new fob. Yay!Thanks, SM Hybrid for your speedy, friendly, and thoughtful service. You've gained a regular customer in me.

5 The Hybrid Shop - Santa Monica 2/5/2016

I had my VW Jetta repaired there twice. Once for an exhaust sensor and the other for a leaking coolant valve. Martin and Kamal had me back in the road the same day both times. They advised the price of the parts and labor upfront and it was much better than dealing with the VW dealer where I've had the runaround on several occasions. Martin took the time to explain the repairs and also showed me around the battery shop where they repair hybrid and electric vehicles. Very impressive.

5 The Hybrid Shop - Santa Monica 1/21/2016

I found this shop looking around for a place to do routine preventative maintenance for my Prius. They charge a quarter of the price that the dealer charges for the same service. The shop and lobby are clean and modern and the Polish brothers who own the business are super friendly and straight forward.What took this experience from a good one to a great one was what happened a week later.When I got the car back I noticed a noise coming from the front passenger side wheel well when I turned sharp to the left. It was loud enough that I postponed a trip to northern california to visit a buddy in the hospital god forbid my tire blew from the friction.I took it in and despite a completely packed garage they had it on the lift within 30 minutes. They told me that the bumper lining had come undone from the frame somehow, but they just reattached it for free and sent me on my way.What mechanic, especially one that hasn't solidified a relationship with a customer yet, would do this?I am so impressed with this place. I will get all of my work done here from now on.

5 The Hybrid Shop - Santa Monica 1/21/2016

I had a really good experience with these guys. They saved my car and they saved me the cost and incredible inconvenience of having to run out and buy a new one. Plus, they did all they promised and EXTRA, for much less than I expected, which I will explain below.First of all, my biggest lesson from my recent car trouble, and I can't emphasize this enough: DON'T EVER, EVER TRUST SERVICE PEOPLE AT CAR DEALERSHIPS (or anyone at dealerships). You know that voice in the back of your mind telling you, this guy is some slick, low rent, huckster who is wasting my time and just trying to steer me towards buying a new car? It's your rational brain trying to overcome that fear of the worse case scenario you have when your car won't start, which is what these guys play off of. I'm not saying ALL dealership people are con artists, maybe just 99% of them. Just Yelp ANY car dealership in your area and you'll see what I mean.But here's my condensed story: I have a 2006 Toyota Prius, had an very unusual accident in October 2015: my front left tire separated at high speed and my wheel cover was missing so the tire fragment whipped around, pulling out some wires from the very expensive and complicated engine wire harness. My dashboard was lit like an Xmas tree, and I started having problems with the battery. I assumed only a Toyota dealership would know how to fix the electronics in a Prius. I was wrong. They usually have con men hagglers for service managers, who often know little about hybrid technology, and cheap labor for mechanics, who usually only know how to replace parts, not repair them. Think about it, what do dealerships do? They sell cars, not fix them. They only do standard service and replace defective parts that the manufacturer recalls or whatever. They don't make money fixing your car, they make money giving you an inflated repair estimate with huge costs for "before" market parts so you cave and buy a new one. That being said, the estimate was: $3,300 for the new wire harness and $2,000 for labor, total: $5,300 (and it probably would've gone up if I actually went ahead with it). Blue book for my car is $5-6K, without the damage. They were, of course, eager to introduce me to the sales staff.I spent time researching my options, and looking for a replacement part on my own. I found a scrapyard online that had the wire harness I needed for $400, reducing my costs greatly. So I began my search for anyone who could install it for less than the dealer's alleged base line of $2K. When I called The Hybrid Shop - Santa Monica, they insisted they could repair the wire harness and it would be far cheaper than the labor cost to install a new one. The guy on the phone, Camille, was so confident and knowledgeable about Prius issues I scheduled a $99 estimate, just for peace of mind. After spending hours thoroughly inspecting the problem, they came back with an estimate: $870 for the repair, plus a couple hundred for a new wheel cover and labor (they insisted). With the diagnostic charge tacked on the grand total was $1,300 (less than 1/4 the dealer est.). Not only did they completely repair the wires in less than a day, they riveted together the damaged bumper and fender, FREE of charge, until I decide to replace them. Plus they threw in a new alarm key, I really needed one.They warned me that the wire harness is a colossal beast, so I may have to do a few cold starts to see if any lights come back on. The engine light did come back, I brought it back on a Saturday, Martin and Tim quickly identified it as a blown fuse from the wire damage, fixed it, no extra charge. It's now been a month since the repair and I've had no lights, no problems and the mileage is as good as before the accident. I'm absolutely satisfied with the work they did and grateful they even took the time to improve the body damage. If you have a hybrid car issue, particularly if it's a Prius, take it to these guys, don't take it to a dealership (unless it's still under some dealer warranty). The guys at this shop know what they are doing and they'll give you a reasonable price. I'm now a loyal customer and I've already referred two friends to them.

5 The Hybrid Shop - Santa Monica 12/11/2015

These guys are so great! Super knowledgeable and they went the extra mile in finding a replacement part for my dash glovebox rather than buying the whole dash unit. They are super & totally first class

5 The Hybrid Shop - Santa Monica 10/19/2015
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